We plan litter C in spring 2017!



The pedigree of awaited puppies of litter „C“

Benjamin Miya
BWAÓKIYA NAGI Z Lhotecké linie





International Show Champion C.I.E.
Czech Grand Champion
Czech and Slovak Champion
Czech Klub Champion
Czech Junior Champion
Winner of Central and Eastern Europe
Master of dogdancing 1
3x CAJC, Nejlepší mladý jedinec, 16x CAC, 6x res. CAC, 2x CAC ČMKU, 7x CACIB, 6x res. CACIB, 8x BOB, BIG 3, 2x Prague Winner,
3x National Winner, 4x Regional Winner


Champion CMKU
GRAND PRIX SLOVAKIA Junior Winner 2011
Czech Junior Champion
Slovak Junior Champion
Czech Klub Champion
Winner of Central and Eastern Europe
Europe Winner
7x CAJC, 7x Junior BOB, 7x CAC, 5x CAC ČMKU, 2x National Winner, 3x CACIB, 1x res. CACIB, 7x BOB, BIS, BIG 2,

ZVOP, ZOP, ZPU 1, ZZO, BH, StPr 1, OB-Z, OB 1,
MD 1, HtM 1, F 1, DwD 1, NW-Uz
ZVOP, ZZO, ZMPO, ZOP, OB-Z, MD 1, HtM 1, F 1, DwD 1, NW-Uz, MW-Nz, NW-Dz, canisterapeut
HD A (DKK 0/0)
DOV neg.
HD B (DKK 0/1)
DOV neg.

The characteristic of parents

Benjamin was born in Czech Republic and he is the first dog from Czech Republic who obtained title C. I. E. And Czech Grand Champion. Three years in a row he was placed in the second place in competition „The most successful exhibition kelpie in Czech Republic“. The first place he also keeps in dogdancing where he passed all exams of the first level and gained title „Master Of Dogdancing“. Dogdancing is his favourite sport – during training he can be uncredibly creative and quick to learn. Since his childhood he has raced mostly in sporting cynology and he usually placed among first three levels of winners. More information is in his personal profile.

Miya comes from Norway. In her pedigree there are mentioned a lot of famous kennels, p. e. CHS Sandskogens, CHS Zathungens, CHS Almdalens, CHS Midimys… Most of her ancestors belong to elite groups of searching and obedience. Miya is the first czech female australian kelpie who obtained title „Champion ČMKU“ (ČMKU = Bohemian and Moravian Cynological Union). She is very persistence in searching and precise in scent works. She also races in sporting cynology. More information is in her personal profile. Although the small tooth (M3) is missing, she is very successful at exhibitions, none of referees have had any problem with this missing tooth. In 2011 she became the best exbihition kelpie of Czech Republic.

The characteristic of the kennel

The biggest priority of the kennel Kimbilio is maintenance of working skills which are typical for australian kelpies and it also gives emphasis on health and quality extelier. Benjamin and Miya are still trained, both of them have talent for pasture of sheep and for scent works. They are trained according to examining orders NZŘ, IPO, TART, KJ and Obedience.

Puppies will be very perspective for all sports (especially for scent works and dogdancing) and for exhibition success. Attention: There is possible that some puppy can have missing tooth.

Puppies will be great partner for all cynological activities and will be loyal and loving member of own family.

Price of puppy

There is difficult to define price of puppy in advance. The price is related to several factors:

  • quality of parents (health, temperament and extelier, exhibition prizes, passed exams)
  • quality of puppy (health, temperament, color, sex)


Helena Kučerová

Czech Republic

e-mail: hela.kucerova@gmail.com

Environment for puppies

Socialization is very important process for development of puppies. When socialization is neglected the dog will have problem for its entire life. Therefore our puppies will grow in common household where become accustomed to various sounds, people and objects.

Purchase of puppies, pedigree of puppies

Purchase of puppy is possible since 8th week of its age. All puppies will be vaccinated, chipped, examined by vet.

The FCI pedigree of each puppy will be available after several month since birth. It will be sent to buyer recommandly. For foreign buyers will be prepared Export Pedigree.

Reservation of puppies

Prepayment is common issue among breeders – applicant gives specific sum of money to breeder to have (relative) certainty that applicant will buy a puppy. If the sale of puppy will be successful, prepayment will be subtracted from buying price. Breeder will give to applicant confirmation about receiving the prepayment.

Prepayment is important help for breeder in case of applicant cancels his desire for puppy. Breeder have to paste another money and time for searching new applicant, during this time have to feed puppy and pay vet care. So in case of applicant cancels his reservation, the prepayment will not be return.

In case of objective reasons (p. e. deflection from standard, illness, death…) there is possible to cancel reservation and prepayment will be return.

In case of puppy is older than 8 weeks and applicant will arrive and pay whole sum, there is not necessary to pay prepayment.

Prepayment is determined like 1/3 of total price of puppy.

Sales Contract

Breeder and applicant will sign sales contract.

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